Partnership Broker Graeme Kreig

Meeting Nov 12, 2013

A Partnership Broker works connections between people, whether businesses, community groups, schools. Graeme is funded for two days a week by the Federal Government to promote connections, in particular, for the 0-20 age group to point to pathways towards employment, self improvement, education opportunities in the Playford area.

A former Central Districts footballer, and teacher, Graeme uses his experience to connect with young people with programmes such as junior football to encourage better life and outcomes for these children.

Dry Land Farming

Meeting October 8th 2013

Malcolm Wilson, farmer from Two Wells, spoke to the club about his dry land farming methods, conserving the low rainfall moisture in the soil, adding appropriate fertilizers and mulch, with weed control, to produce bumper yields on the land which is used each year.  Malcolm's farm has a low annual rainfall of 14"

Our club supported UNISA-Football United

bbqOn September 23rd our Club cooked a barbeue for the Playford UNISA-Football United teams.  The program, sponsored by the University of South Australia, aims to unite communities from different ethnic backgrounds through sport, and in this case junior football.  This was one of several UNISA-football united events that we have supported over the last three years

Karaoke for Kenya


And did we have fun at 'Karaoke for Kenya' raising funds for fencing materials for Umoja Orphanage Kenya, RAWCS project (Rotary Australia World Community Service) last night.

Isabella recreates her stage song from '92 when she sang to Alun's son in Rotary Showtime…"I want to be loved by you" — with Isabella Greig and Alun Hughes  


The successful evening provided funds for a gate and other items towards enclosing the property in Kenya.  Rotarians Ron and Delwyn Watts helped with the construction of the fence and were delighted with the job that was completed during their visit.


Whitelion revisits

Geoff Wake (Employment and Training Coordinator) and James Irwin (Youth Instructor) told members of developments after our support of funds for Whitelion in Novenber 2012.
Whitelion’s mission is focused on connecting young people aged 10 to 24 with the community. It provides them with practical and effective support that enables them to make positive choices.

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