VTT visit


Vocational Training Team (VTT) visit

The Rotary Club of Elizabeth hosted the visiting VTT (Vocational Training Team) from the Philippines. The five members (Czar, Mimi, Ron, Veron, Devie) are all involved in the field of Education and with their Rotarian team leader (Bobbie), are visiting educational establishments in the area.

The Vocational Training team is a Rotary Project, a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, work on team building, and increase self confidence. The programs are designed to have an invaluable impact on the career of a young professional in the global workplace by creating network opportunities and lifelong friendships. Individuals who participate in this rewarding, once-in-a-lifetime experience will broaden their cultural perspective. In exchange, our district sent a team of young professional educators to the Philippines.

banner   The team with the whole club at the end of their visit to our area.
Mushroonfarm   As it was easter and the schools were closed visits were arranged to some areas that the visitors might not have experienced.  A visit to SA Mushrooms delighted the guests who delighted in tasting the fresh product.
Mwilsonsfarm   Farm machinery dwarfed the visitors who were surprised at their size.  Malcolm Wilson demonstrated to the guests how a modern Australian farm works.
Olivegrove   A visit to an Olive grove completed the tour.  Each member was presented with a bottle of Trevi Extra-virgin Olive Oil by proprietor Robyn Trevilyen.


Adelaide Gaol


Roy and Beryl Griffith. Roy spoke passionately about the history of Adelaide Gaol and its precedents.
Roy and his wife Beryl on their retirement became interested in the Old Adelaide Gaol with the Adelaide Gaol Preservation Society Inc. a 'not for profit' organisation in promoting and preserving the Adelaide Gaol as an educational museum, a major tourist attraction and a valuable part of South Australia's heritage.

The full interesting report on his talk, written by Rotarian Raelene Trickett, can be read in the Club's Bulletin 2335.

District Conference


District Conference

– Members attended the District Conference held in Bendigo in March.

opening Mayoral Reception to welcome delegates to Bendigo in the magnificent newly restored Town Hall.
keynotesp Keynote speaker Li Cunxin with RIPR Dr Zaki Zorkham & wife Prof. Samar, congratulate Li after a sterling presentation which brought the 500 lucky audience to is feet in appreciation. What a story.
members att Representatives from our club, President Alun, PP Elizabeth, PDG John Downing, Ynyr Foster, PP David
VTT at conf The VTT (Vocational Training team) from the Philippines who attended the conference