SciWorld 2016 at Playford Civic Centre

For 12 years our Club has contributed to this day, with scientific ‘hands-on’ equipment and demonstrations, in conjunction with SciWorld.

SciWorld is a South Australian not-for-profit organisation that provides science outreach programs in various locations around Adelaide and South Australia.


The children were fascinated with the soap film shapes.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Service

On Saturday night November 19 2016, our club will be celebrating our 50th birthday at the Civic Centre in Elizabeth.

Please keep November 19 2016 in your diary. More details will be posted as they are finalised.

Rotary International President’s Address for April


Ravindran_KR_14K.R. Ravindran,   President 2015-16

Many years ago, in Kolkata, India, I had the chance to meet Mother Teresa. She was an incredible woman with an incredible force of personality. When she walked down the street, the crowd parted in front of her like the Red Sea. Yet when you talked to her, if you mentioned the tremendous things she had done, she almost did not engage in this topic at all. By many reports, if you asked her what her greatest achievement was, she would answer, “I am an expert in cleaning toilets.”

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