Community Service Excellence Awards 2012



Throughout our community many people quietly undertake a variety of roles to support and encourage people who on occasion need a helping hand. These people do not seek reward or acknowledgement and yet they are greatly appreciated by all. Tonight we wish to give recognition to a few who have been nominated by Rotary members for their service to the community.

Win Harrip. Bessie Dickens, Glennys Lehmann, Jocelyn Osborne, David Adamson, Rolly Dickins, Glenn Docherty

Win Harrip has made visits to people in the general section of the Lyell McEwin Hospital as well as the Palliative Care area for over 15 years, the last 5 years representing the Uniting Church as a Chaplain. Always willing to listen and help, this is a lady who understands other's problems and who gives confidence to those around her. Win is a person who is strong in adversity and with a wonderful sense of humour.    

Glennys Lehmann,  is very much part of the Midway Community House. Glennys has been involved since the beginning, as part of the forming committee, and has worked tirelessly as a volunteer and more recently as Co-ordinator.
The work of Midway Community house is well known to many of us, it caters to the needs of the local community and covers all ages. Glennys goes about her work quietly and calmly, always helpful and with a ready smile.

Jocelyn Osborne is the modern,  thinking Principal of the Elizabeth South Primary School. The school was Elizabeth’s first school.  Now sporting great classrooms, a first class library, undercover play areas, modern furniture and much much more.   Jocelyn’s leadership has been a key feature in bringing the entire school community together, she is valued and appreciated  and we wish her well in her efforts at the school.