Project Gayatri 2011

The ROMAC host for our Club is Vivienne Valladares. The following extracts from emails will be updated during the project, so that we can keep in touch and to give all some idea of the process (from the host’s point of view).


Good morning Viv and everyone. I am in the process of finalising things for Nayoman’s arrival on Sunday morning at 8.35 am on Virgin direct from Bali. I visited Trish, the Practice Manager for Dr. Hilary Baucaut, on Thursday. All is under control there. I will forward the formal things that need to be done prior to the operation later today once I receive them from Trish. Viv I think that you already have these details. I also visited Memorial Hospital and was advised that her mother is most welcome to stay with her and is indeed encouraged to do so. All meals are included in this as well.

Michael Abbott QC, is the Honorary President of the Balinese Assoc in Adelaide and I have emailed him and left a message for him to ring me to arrange a time to meet to see how the Balinese community in Adelaide can help as well as possibly arranging an interpreter who will be needed at all times when medical appointments are in progress and also prior to the operation etc. If he cannot help with the interpreter I will have no option other than to go to ABC Interpreter Services and ROMAC will have to carry the bill. Will keep you all informed over the next couple of days as to progress.

Dr. Alan McKinnon is back from holidays so we will be able to be kept up to date with all medical issues. I will be in touch as soon as I have any further progress. Cheers,

Oleh Bilyk
Regional Director ROMAC


Hi Oleh,

Our welcome committee consisting of David and Elizabeth Adamson, Theo and Judith Nitz and Alan Hughes will be at the 9500 District Conference being held on the 22nd and 23rd, so Raelene and I may be the only two at the airport. Will you be there?

Do you know when Gayatri will be admitted into the hospital, on the 24th after the consult?

I do have to leave for work at 8am a.m. Monday morning so if it is possible for someone to pick them up and take them to their appointments I would appreciate this.

Have you been able to organise an Interpreter? I believe there is somebody from the ABC Interpreter Services who has helped in the past.

Could Alan please give me some details re the length of time our patient will be in the hospital and the post-op homestay needed. Thanks.


Mother Putu Ayu, Ketut, Tony Elliott, Gayatri, Oleh (ROMAC) & Viv at the Airport, photograph taken by Raelene.


Good afternoon everyone,

It appears that Gayatri, as she is known, has come through her surgery quite well. I have spoken to Anastasia, the interpreter and she has advised me that she saw Dr. Hillary Baucaut who advised that all went according to plan and that she should be able to be dischardged in three or so days time and then be able to head off home within two weeks after that.

Richard, I wonder if you could contact John Forsyth in Bali and advise his Foundation of the successful out come of the operation.

Putu by the way is an Enrolled Nurse at Memorial Hospital and was of great support yesterday and has obviously done the same again today.

Regards to everyone,
Oleh Bilyk

A picture taken at the Memorial Hospital


Hello All,

Today, Gayatri is doing really well, eating, going to the toilet on her own, playing in the play area with other kids. I will visit later this evening, after work.

It sounds like Gayatri may be discharged on Friday, and Libby has kindly offered to pick them up and keep them until I get back from work .

I should be okay over the weekend.

Not sure from Oleh’s email whether they will be here for one or two more weeks .

I have a problem for next week, however, as I will be at work Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and also have other appointments on Tuesday and again on Thursday. So would appreciate some assistance.

Please let me know if any of you can help. Please forward this to Alan Hughes and Isabella Greig if she would like to be involved (I had left a message on her answering machine a few days ago).



Hello All,

Gayatri and Mother were discharged from the Memorial Hospital on Friday, kindly picked up by Elizabeth Adamson.

They had a restful weekend, Gayatri is doing really well and beginning to walk more. She does hate bathing but Mum is strict and bathes her twice a day.

Putu Towill who is a nurse at the Hospital visited over the weekend and has been a tremendous help as she speaks the language, With her help I am communicating quite well!

Gayatri is picking up a few words , much to the joy of her Dad.

Ayu cannot do enough for me and is doing all my daily chores. I will miss her when she leaves!!

Putu has also offered to take them home for a couple of days, as I have some appointments, Wednesday, Thursday and will bring them to the Memorial for her appointment with Dr Hilary Boucaut, on Friday.

Elizabeth, Thank you for offering to take them tomorrow, however Mum requested that they stay at home preferably till Gayatri can walk better. I am OK with that.

That takes care of this week, will let you know if I need any assistance for next week.


Viv and Gayatri on Glenelg jetty


Hello Everyone,

Today I took Gayatri and Mum to the beach and did A LOT OF WALKING AND SKIPPING. We also enjoyed some KFC and Copenhagen ice-cream!

Gayatri is certainly brighter and jumpier, however, she was a bit tearful this morning (Mum told me) as she can’t sit down properly or put her legs together.

Alan, I wonder if some physiotherapy will help?

Also she cannot stand with both feet on the ground, but keeps rocking from left foot to right foot. This too will improve gradually?

All else great, Mum cooked some Nasi Gorengi and Cajun chicken as they love spicy food!



Hello Everyone,

This is an update on Gayatri.

Mother and daughter have been staying with Putu Towill since Wednesday and enjoying her kind hospitality.
They have met with Ketut and Tony Elliot as also other members of the community, and seem to be having great time.

Putu tells me that Gayaytri can’t have enough bubble baths!

On Friday, the follow-up appointment with Dr. Hilary Boucaut went very well and Dr. Hilary was very happy with her progress. Gayatri now needs to see the endocrinologist, Dr. Jenny Cooper before they are given the green light to go home. This may be scheduled for the middle of the week.

Gayatri and Ayu will return to my house this afternoon. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have them at our club meeting tomorrow night so the club can meet them?

I would need somebody to pick them up tomorrow morning, and have them for the day, then bring them to the meeting. I can then bring them back home.

Please let me know what you think?



Hello Everyone,

Week 4 has been a challenging week for Ayu and Gayatri.

Thank you David and Elizabeth for taking them to the Gorge Wildlife Park, and tho’ they were not game to hold a koala, they have now seen one!

Wednesday was eventful for Ayu who was given the news about Gayatri”s Condition and her ongoing need for medication for the rest of her life. Putu was a great help in allaying her fears and

I myself tried to explain things from the booklet given to her. Ayu was also given an education in administering injections to Gayaytri if and when they are needed. I think she is strong and will cope. The booklet mentioned a medical alert bracelet or chain that should be worn by Gayatri.

This week, the ABC interpreters will translate the booklet into Balinese for Ayu

Alan would that be arranged for her along with the medication prior to her going home?

Fortunately, the John Fawcett Foundation that referred Gayatri to ROMAC have now offered assistance and support for Ayu in Bali.

Thank you to Tony and Ketut Elliot who took them out on the weekend and gave them a a great party time I’m told!

As for Gayatri she is one amazing kid with the amount she has picked up; she also loves “mugic” and has a good ear for it! Hopefully Oleh will give Ayu the news she is waiting for soon!


Elizabeth with koala and Gayatri and Ayu


Hello All,

Gayatri and Ayu moved out of my house on the 29th and stayed with Putu Towill for a week. They have now have moved in with Tony and Ketut Elliot as Putu is away for a few days.

They are still awaiting the official documents required by the Balinese Customs to clear the consignment of medication into the country; these should not be too far off according to Oleh Bilyka who is working hard to expedite things.

Alun, thank you for organising the gift of a scooter for Gayatri. Ayu was initially hesitant to accept it but has since had a change of heart so I will be taking it to them today.

I’m sure that Gayatri will be very happy! So thank you to the club .

Ayu has also left some gifts with me in appreciation for everything that has been done for Gayatri and her.

Thank you everyone,

Gayatri with the scooter which was purchased by the Club.


Good morning everyone,

We have been able to arrange for Ayu and Gayatri to go home this Wednesday. Details as follows:

Airline. Virgin Australia. Flight No. DJ4195. Departing Adelaide: 9.45am Wed 14Dec 2011. Arriving Bali: 12.35pm Wed 14 Dec 2011.

Viv, we did try to have alternative flights but they were either today, Wednesday or Friday. Unfortunately you work on each of these days.

There have been some family matters that have come up within Ay’s family in that her husband has taken a job on a cruise ship and left the two eldest boys at home. One has gone to his grandparents and the eldest is looking after the house. You can imagine Ay’s distress!

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the airport. at around 8.15am, one and a half hours before departure due to International Flight check-in requirements.

Could I please ask that no more presents, clothing, toys or anything else be given to them as according to Tony Elliott, Balinese Community and current host parent with his wife Ketut, they have their allowance of 23kgs each and 7 kgs carry on hand luggage. Unfortunately it is ROMAC Policy that if there is excess it stays in Adelaide and we will enforce this rule as excess with Virgin is very expensive.

To everyone who has been involved with Gayatri and Ayu, may I on behalf of ROMAC thank you all for what you have done to make Gayatri’s life as normal as possible in the future. Regards,

Oleh Bilyk
Regional Director ROMAC


Hello Viv,

I visited them last night and Ayu is over the moon about going home tomorrow. If you could be at the airport to farwell them it would be great as you developed such a strong bond with them however I do understand your situation.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at 8.15am at the Virgin checkin.

Alan, Anne passed on your message re the Medic Alert Bracelet, thanks. Ayu has the medication as well as this I will be giving them the Consular Clearance together with their Passports at the Airport.

Regards to everyone,


Good morning All,

Yesterday Gayatri and her mother Ayu flew home to Bali. I have received an email from The John Forsyth Foundation stating that they arrived safe and sound and that the Hydrocortison that Ayu was carrying, which Gayatri will have to take for the rest of her life went through Immigration and Customs in Bali without a hitch.

My thanks go to Viv for home hosting them together with various people from the Balinese Community who could not have been more co-operative. I must add the Elizabeth Rotary Club did a fantastic job in looking after them. As well as this our own Alan McKinnon and Fred Juredini have to be thanked for the help, support and advice they gave when it came to medical issues.

Drs Jenny Couper, Endocronologist, and Hillary Baucaut, Surgeon, need to be especially thanked for the work they did. Jenny Couper must get a special mention as she was able to source in mexcess of a years supply of Hydrocortison for Gayatri from Alphapharma for a peppercorn price of $122.00. I would suggest that Ayu was carrying at least $2,500, if not more, value put on the drugs. We had to obtain a special Consular Clearance for them to bring the drugs into Indonesia.

A great outcome.

Could I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Joyous New Year and thank you for your help and advice in what has been an interesting year.