Pride of Workmanship Awards 2012

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These awards were created in 1975 by the Rotary Club of West Pennant Hills in Sydney and have now extended throughout the country and probably beyond. Pride of Workmanship Awards are generally nominated by an employer, sometimes working with a Rotarian. This award recognises and encourages employees to

“Do It Once, Do It Well, Build a Better Australia”.

Reg Driver, Gemma Dickins, Pat Cole, Linda Brown, Ryan Healy, Steve Garner, Linda Birkmyre, Rolly Dickins, David Adamson, Alun Hughes, Mayor Glenn Docherty

Gemma Dickins,  Reg Driver and his wife Helen have known Gemma for over 10 years, firstly as an employee of Timber Art, Signs & Trophies in Elizabeth South and now as the Manager of that business.  Their reasons for nominating Gemma are clear, good customer service, attention to detail, accuracy, always important with engraving trophies, and a good value for money business.

Pat Cole,  Pat is employed by the City of Playford and has worked in a variety of roles in the Playford community. Working particularly in the townships of Virginia & One Tree Hill, Pat has done some great work delivering programs for older people.  She has extended delivery to include the Italian, Greek and Vietnamese communities. A wonderful advocate for marginalised members of the community, Pat is a proud local resident who often goes way beyond the expectation of her role.

Ryan Healy,  is employed casually by the City of Playford in the Social Inclusion Workgroup of Playford Community Services. Ryan is a valued member of the team who participates in staff planning sessions, often suggesting ideas and initiating contact. Other staff look forward to Ryan’s attendance as he is a whiz with Excel & Publisher and can complete tasks in half the time of many others.

Steve Garner,  of Steve Garner Memorials is local businessman who has demonstrated an understanding, empathetic and caring attitude towards his clients and is considered a credit to his industry. A very experienced and skilled businessman who knows his market and how to achieve successful outcomes for all concerned.

Linda Birkmyre: a fantastic identity who enjoys her work as the Co-ordinator of the Elizabeth Downs Food Co-op and the Mobile Food Co-op. Linda goes out of her way to provide the best advice and support to local families with nutritious food within their available budgets. She displays lots of energy and enthusiasm in making a big commitment to her workplace and she is able to communicate at all levels while keeping people engaged and involved.