Donate Life

Daniel Medlicott

Guest Speaker on the 23rd July was Daniel Medlicott, Donor Coordinator at Donate Life SA.


Daniel explained his work at Donate Life, and told us of the rewarding but difficult role of speaking to families who have recently experienced the trauma of a loved one dying.  He explained that donations need to be taken while the patient, though brain dead, is still hooked up to the life support system.

South Australia has recorded another rise in the number of people who have provided new or improved quality of life through organ and tissue donation.

A total of 35 South Australians generously donated their organs and tissues for transplant in 2011. This compares with 31 South Australian donors in 2010,

Nationally, 337 people became organ and tissue donors, saving or improving the lives of more than 1000 of their fellow Australians.

South Australia's contribution helped drive a national 30 per cent rise to 14.9 donors per million population from 11.3 donors per million population in 2009.

The just-released 2011 Donation and Transplantation Performance Report shows the number of transplant recipients nationally hit a record high of 1001, and that the Australia-wide total of 337 donors was the highest number since national records began.

"The steady rise in our State reflects the generosity of South Australian families willing to give others a second chance at life through organ and tissue donation.

"The Australian Government's reform agenda has increasingly focused on raising community awareness through DonateLife."

DonateLife SA has a clinical staff of specialist Organ and Tissue Donor Coordinators and Medical Directors across the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre, Lyell McEwin Hospital, Women's and Children's Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

This broad network, spanning intensive care units, emergency departments and transplant units, is committed to improving organ and tissue donation rates and outcomes, providing specialised family support services and raising awareness across the community,.

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