Rotary Youth Exchange


Rotary Youth Exchange Programme

On 30th July,  Rotarian Anthony Masson spoke to the Club on the Rotary Youth Exchange Programme.  (YEP)

A student spends up to a year living with host families (usually 4) and attends a school  while there, in a different country.  They learn a new way of living, a new language possibly, and a great deal about themselves.  They are an ambassador, teaching people about our country, culture and ideas.  It is one way to help bring the world closer – and make some good friends in the process.
Applications to a Rotary Club are due by the end of March, selections by the end of April;  the student's year abroad starts late January.

Anthony is Outward bound co-ordinator of the twelve month Rotary Youth Exchange Programme. The committee is looking for clubs who would be willing to host or half host a student for twelve months. Four hosts are needed, each family hosting for three months. Club ex-penses are $120.00 per month pocket money and to pay for the student’s meal at a meeting. Last year only four students were sent away.

Pictured with Anthony above is PE Linda Brown.