The Science Experience


The Science Experience

The Rotary Club sponsored four students to "The Science Experience"  The experience is a three day visit to a local University.  Young scientists who love their work allow students into their laboratories for 'hands on' experience in many areas of science and engineering.
Two of those students attended our meeting on 12th February to thank the club.

In the photograph above, Thomas expresses his thanks to the Rotary Club of Elizabeth for sponsoring him to the University of South Australia for The Science Experience

Thomas' father Seraphin was delighted that Rotary had provided an opportunity for his son to attend 'The Science Experience'. "You dont know how much affect you Rotarians have when you do something like this",he told the members." It will make not only a difference to Thomas, but to his brothers and sisters, his family, our friends, and in fact the whole community. I come from a country where only the Chief Ministers sons have the opportunity to go to University, yet here am I now completing a degree in Social Work and my family has that opportunity too. I thank you Rotary, from all the community."

tse6cindynJohn   PDG John Downing, New Generations Director, explains the desire of Rotary to encourage young students to find opportunities for careers in the science and engineering fields.
tse5cindy   Cindy tells of her experience at the University of Adelaide. She found Petroleum Engineering to be the most exciting area she visited and would like to consider this when she reaches the age to attend University.
tse9thomasnJohn   John thanks Thomas for his words.