Wheels in Motion


“Wheels in Motion” helps young people aged 16-25 to overcome a barrier to employment and further education by assisting them to access driving experience to get their Provisional Licence (P plates)

Our club provided funding to support purchase of Playford’s vehicle.

This exciting and practical program was devised and initiated by Rotary’s Rick Henke, in the City of Salisbury, which was closely followed by the City of Playford, and is now spreading across a growing number of cities in Australia.

A ‘Wheels in Motion” program has three key components:

  1. A 6-hour road safety forum that every young person who would like access to mentored support must attend
  2. An interview where the young persons’ situation is explored to determine if a place can be offered. Plans can then be made for that person to complete at least 4 hours of lessons with a licensed driving instructor.
  3. Mentoring in-car driving experience (1-hour sessions) from either the Playford or Salisbury program base.

The mentored driving experience is conducted by specially upskilled volunteers.

The program places are limited to 15 from each of Playford and Salisbury Council areas.  Young people who are indigenous, are (or have been) under the guardianship of the Minister, or with other barriers to getting their Provisional Licence are encouraged to apply.  Waiting lists may apply.

This program targets young people:

  1. without an accessible, appropriate vehicle in the household where they live
  2. or without access to a licensed supervising driver
  3. and where they are with the demonstrated incapacity to afford to use of mainstream commercial driving instructors.
  4. Those who can demonstrate that being P licensed would immediately improve their employment or education opportunities will receive some priority.

 Support partners locally have included Cities of Salisbury and Playford, Rotary Clubs of Elizabeth, Playford, and Salisbury,  sa.gov.au, Sapol, RAA, Peter Kittle Toyota and Peter Page Holden.

The program relies also on the quality of the volunteer mentors which has enriched the program.